call for papers

for the SPRING 2020 Issue of Exhibition

 A journal of exhibition theory & practice for museum professionals, published by NAME



The spring 2020 issue of Exhibition tackles a defining issue of our times: threats to the environment. Above all, it takes on climate change, but also biodiversity loss, pollution, water scarcity, the impact on natural resources in the face of skyrocketing populations, deforestation, and more.

Simply conveying information has seemingly had underwhelming results. What can exhibitions provide that is different—that engages visitors, spurs conversation, provokes new ideas, opens minds, and inspires action? What are the best messaging strategies (visual, textual, other)? How can we be nimble and responsive? Whom should we be partnering with, and why? How do we confront diverse attitudes (not just pro and con, but, for example, the demands of conservation with the economic needs of local communities)? And how do we measure success?

This is a global issue. While Exhibition always welcomes voices from around the world, it especially encourages our international colleagues from all types of organizations to share their exhibition projects, approaches, and experiences. Articles might focus on a specific exhibition or provide an overview of different exhibitions—or propose a new model, inspired by work outside museums. In all cases, articles must be descriptive and critical and analytical; and evaluation, even if informal, must evidence arguments for the strengths and weaknesses of a project.

The exhibitions/installations analyzed can be of any size or budget, and take place in any of a variety of spaces: museums of all disciplines, historical sites, galleries, institutions that collect and display living collections, outdoor public spaces, or other physical environments. Proposals might come from designers, architects, developers, interpretive planners, curators, writers, educators, collection managers, or others who create and contribute to exhibitions.


Proposals of 250 words maximum (submitted as Word documents) must:

  • tell how the proposed article would relate to the issue’s theme;

  • indicate the approaches, strategies, or knowledge that readers would take away from the article;

  • convey how the article would raise questions or illuminate larger issues that are widely applicable (especially if the proposal focuses on a single project);

  • take into account that articles will be expected to provide critical, candid discussions about issues and challenges; and

  • include a proposed title.


Deadlines and information

Proposals are due June 10, 2019. Along with your proposal, briefly describe your background and your qualifications for writing the article (please do not include resumes or CVs).

Our editorial advisory board will vet proposals in a blind peer review, and you will be notified of acceptance or non-acceptance in early July 2019. If your proposal is accepted, articles (2,000 words maximum with five to six high-resolution images) will be due in early September 2019.

PLEASE SEND ALL PROPOSALS VIA EMAIL TO: Ellen Snyder-Grenier, Editor, Exhibition at: Submissions from colleagues and students around the world are welcomed and encouraged.