name ethics statement

  1. The purpose of this statement is to set forth standards of responsibility, which all members are expected to observe. As a first principle, all activities (business, professional, other)  must be conducted in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  2. No member of NAME should be, or even seem to be, subject to influences, interests or relationships which conflict with the best interest of the institution at which the member is employed.
  3. No member should accept gifts or entertainment of other than nominal value from any supplier, customer or competitor. Any such gifts should be refused if it would appear that the employee might be expected to reciprocate to the donor with preferential treatment to the detriment of the institution. Conflict of interest standards also apply to members not employed by institutions but connected with suppliers, contractors, consultants, etc.
  4. No member shall solicit free or speculative designs or plans from independent designers or exhibit fabricators. Members should discourage the submission of speculative designs from these outside sources.
  5. Outside educational activities by members, such as teaching, lecturing or conducting seminars and workshops, should be encouraged by NAME, so long as the above-mentioned standards are respected. Any efforts that contribute to the public understanding of the profession are to be encouraged.
  6. No member shall represent conflicting or competing interests without the expresses consent of those involved; not place himself or herself in a position where the institution's interest is not respected without full disclosure of such interests to the administration of the institution, where it might be construed as a conflict of interest. No members shall enter in free-lance design activities nor engage in independent work that is not part of his or her responsibilities to the organization without full disclosure of such activities or work to the administration of the organization where he or she performs the majority of his or her professional responsibilities.
  7. No member shall unjustly injure the professional reputation or practice of another member or colleague.
  8. It is the obligation of all members to insure at all times the proper handling of Museum collection objects and employ standard accepted preservation techniques for all objects on display. At no time should design goals supersede the preservation of the object.
  9. It is the obligation of all members to strive for truth in presentation. The design of museum exhibitions involves communication of ideas and concepts to the public and accuracy in presentation should be the goal of all museumprofessionals.
  10. The principles put forward in the booklet "Museum Ethics," published by AAM, should act as a basis upon which personal and business relationships are conducted.