• Designing for Outrage: Inviting Disruption and Contested Truth into Museum Exhibitions, by BARBARA LAU, JENNIFER SCOTT, SUZANNE SERIFF
  • Designing to Foster Connections and Inspire Action, by SUSAN CHIN, SARAH HEZEL, KIMIO HONDA
  • Core Emotion and Engagement in Informal Science Learning, by GABRIELLE RAPPOLT-SCHLICHTMANN, MIRIAM EVANS, CHRISTINE REICH, CLARA CAHILL
  • Crossing the Smoke Bridge: Memory, Emotion, Social Interaction, and the Sense of Smell in Exhibitions, by CORY C. K. O’MILLS
  • Contemporary Art and “Discomfort” Among Millennials: An Academic Museum Case Study , by NATALIE R. MARSH
  • Talking Through Our Pain: Visitor Responses at the 9/11 Memorial Museum, by AMY S. WEISSER, ALISON KOCH
  • Mending the Mind and the Spirit: The Role of Objects and Exhibitions in Health and Healing, by BRENDA COWAN, ROSS LAIRD, JASON MCKEOWN
  • Crying at the Museum: A Call for Responsible Emotional Design , by STACEY MANN, DANNY M. COHEN


  • President's Letter, by WAYNE LABAR
  • Editor's Letter, by ELLEN SNYDER-GRENIER
  • Exhibits Newsline, by PAUL ORSELLI
  • Q&A, with Gabby Cohen
  • Nuts and Bolts: Developing a Toolkit for Emotion in Museums, by LINDA NORRIS and RAINEY TISDALE
  • Exhibition Critique: Fire! Fire! at the Museum of London, England, by LUCY TRENCH
  • Book Review: Interpreting Difficult History at Museums and Historic Sites, by LIZ ŠEVČENKO