FALL 2018


  • Supporting Learners through a Spectrum of Interactivity, by Leigh Ann Mesiti, Alana Parkes, Sunewan C. Paneto & Clara Cahill

  • Activate Your Exhibition: From Small Budgets to Big Engagement, by Yukiko Stranger-Galey, Derek Tan & Lesha Koop

  • Digital Interactive Experiences in a Children’s Museum, by Katie Chandler & Jennifer Kalter

  • Making More Interactive Citizens, by Megan Smith

  • Playing for the Future, by Becky Menlove

  • The “User-Friendly” Museum: Russian Interactivity, by Apollinaria Nemkova

  • Mind, Spirit, and Body: Assessing Interactives through Multiple Lenses, by David Whitemyer

  • Designing Durability: Best Practices for Long-Lasting Interactives, by Betty Brennan, Jason Cox, Chris Brusatte, Leah Rainey & Drew Levan

  • 49 Years (and Counting) of Interactivity at the Exploratorium, by Janet Petitpas


  • President's Letter, by Penny Jennings

  • Editor's Letter, by Ellen Snyder-Grenier

  • Exhibits Newsline, by Paul Orselli

  • Q&A with Emilie Baltz

  • EXHIBITION CRITIQUE: The Enemy: Traveling exhibition on view at Phi Centre, Montreal, Canada, by Jennifer Carter

  • BOOK REVIEW: Creating the Visitor-Centered Museum, by Leslie Bedford

  • SPECIAL REPORT: Winners of the 30th Annual Excellence in Exhibition Competition