SPring 2019
Exhibit Making: The Behind-the-scenes process


  • Cross-Cultural Exhibition Development: Lessons from an Early Childhood Zone by Set David Solis ADame, Isabel Diez Uriarte, Guillermo Loza Trejo

  • The Many Shapes of Formative Evaluation in Exhibition Development by Cathy Sigmond

  • Whose Museum Is It Anyway? Towards More Authentic Community-Centered Practices in Creating Exhibitions by Alison Jean, Swarupa Anila

  • Designing Accessible Interactives: An Inclusive Process for User Testing by Caitlin Ballingall, Sheri Levinsky-Raskin, Barbara Johnson Stemler, Jessica Williams

  • To RFP or Not To RFP … That Is The Question by Barbara Punt

  • Exhibition Design: From Vision to Visitor by Adryanne Quenneville

  • Design-Thinking Approaches to Exhibition Development: Investigating New Ways of Working by Naomi Crellin, Lauren Telchin Katz

  • Creative Collaboration: Rethinking Planning, Design, and Fabrication Relationships by Sara Deangelis, Cathlin Bradley


  • President's Letter, by Penny Jennings

  • Editor's Letter, by Ellen Snyder-Grenier

  • Exhibits Newsline, by Becky Menlove, Jenny-Sayre Ramberg

  • Q&A with Stacia Viscardi

  • EXHIBITION CRITIQUE: Waterfront at BHS Dumbo/Brooklyn Historical Society in Brooklyn, NY by Nancy Haffner

  • BOOK REVIEW: Creating Exhibits That Engage: A Manual for Museums and Historical Organizations by Ellen Leerburger